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Our facility has closed circuit third party monitoring, fire and silent alarms, 24 hour armed guards, and rapid response from both the government and a third party security firm. We do not disclose every security option available to the clients for safety reasons.

Yes, we can set up a meeting at the facility behind closed doors, where you and the agent can go through all certified contents of the box and decide on the amount to insure.

With the security measures that are in place and the location of our office between two of Panama’s biggest banks in the heart of the banking district in Panama City, Panama, we have a very safe and secure facility.

Every employee goes through several security procedures. They all receive a worldwide background check, and then they are fingerprinted, photographed and go through a long interview process before we take consideration

The President is Javier Arosemena, Treasurer Rodolfo Wright, and Secretary Rolando Garcia de Paredes.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, cash as well as personal and corporate checks drawn on Panamanian bank accounts.

Yes, when you arrive at our facility we can assist you in setting up Panamanian corporations and/or foundations.

For security reasons we are not able to disclose this information.

For an individual box, we require a copy of two identifications (passport and a secondary) and complete payment for the time you plan to rent the box.

For a corporation, foundation or, we require the following items: Certificate of Good Standing and Legal Representation of the corporation issued by the Public Registry where the safety box’s rental is authorized. A copy of two identifications (passport and a secondary) of the Legal Representative, Board of Directors and Shareholders. And complete payment for the time you plan to rent the box.

From when the client is assisted in our facility the process takes approximately 25 minutes.

No, you can start the process without the authorized user being present, We do ask that you bring two forms of identification for each additional authorized user that you will add to the account.


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